Administrative Law

LTA offers advice in all sectors of administrative law, including assistance in procedures pending before independent regulatory Authorities and in litigation before Administrative Courts (Regional Administrative Courts and Higher Administrative Courts). Our lawyers have developed significant experience in public law contracts in relation to public services, tenders and licences, as well as town planning, services and assets concessions, local utilities, telecommunications, dispositions of state owned assets and shareholdings. They are able to respond rapidly to client's needs with expert, practical and thorough assistance to the highest standards, whatever type of client: state-run companies, public authorities and agencies, domestic and overseas companies, banks, other financial institutions or investment funds.


Our advice in public law issues including:


  • Public tender procedures, licenses and public services and utilities;
  • Privatisations, services and Public-Private Partnership;
  • Compulsory purchase procedures, land use management, town planning and construction;
  • Development of real estate assets;
  • bidding contracts, goods, supplies and services;
  • project finance;
  • environment;
  • energy and natural resources;
  • water;
  • telecommunications;
  • transportation;
  • health and safety;
  • pharmaceutical and bio-medical products.